Monday, July 3, 2017

Make It Yours?

 As a lifetime maker of things, I think I'm underestimating the impact of this book for people who truly might not understand pattern, dyes, and such, but I honestly didn't like this book. It seems like a LOT of repetition of how to make marks on different surfaces with different things.

 Christine Schmidt does have a highly instructional style which will be good for the new 'mark maker,' but this book will probably frustrate anyone with much experience in design, color, painting and etc. I was hoping that it would be kind of a 'refresher,' but I found it really redundant and really didn't enjoy it.

 However, my niece, who is 8, wanted it and was staring with rapt attention at every picture as soon as she got it off the shelf. Her mum decided that she'd like to borrow it as she doesn't consider herself 'creative.' So, there's a kind of verification of my suspicions;) Great for people who need a little push to paint, stamp, dye, or just attack whatever it is that they want to personalize.

 Patterns are provided in the back of the book and it does cover shibori and a couple of other techniques. Lots of pictures will be appreciated by anyone who feels that this book is helpful;)


*I did receive this book for free so I could give an honest, experienced review on this book;) Thank you!