Friday, March 24, 2017

Misfits Fit Just Fine...

Jason Stellman might be my new super hero. Don't expect the clean cut, dry Christianity of the churches filled with staunch, suffocating religion. His raw style of writing endeared me to him right away as I felt like he was confirming that the Jesus I had encountered was indeed real. And also REAL when it came to being fully human. 
I was raised Baptist and could never really grasp more than the factual head knowledge that was being outlined from the pulpit. It never felt like it truly touched my heart in a way other than to grip it in fire and brimstone fear, but Stellman shows a Jesus and a faith that is so much bigger than the Son of God become man waiting with a big stick to beat us when we mess up, and this, for most, should be a revelation and an opening of being to Him. 
Honesty becomes more possible and Stellman points out the different aspects of the incredible understanding that God and His Son has in regards to man and just how much He loves us, and that, in itself is truly freeing and humbling.
An amazing read for a new Christian, one that feels their faith has become stale or lifeless, or someone who just can't grasp the how/why of Jesus and His Father.
Love this book!!!

Ps. I did receive this book for free in order to be able to give an honest review about the content.