Monday, February 20, 2017

Uh... no... no... Wait... Yes? Weird... Doodletopia's Fairies Book Review

Ok... So I'm going to be perfectly honest. I'm 36 and I just learned to draw about 4 years ago, and BELIEVE ME, I've tried here and there and only ended up throwing things. So I got this book and thought it would be fun to exercise my newish skills! 
I got it and I didn't feel the magic. It was kind of flat, not really instructive and though I had a good grasp on drawing the images they were encouraging me to draw, and I love fairies and fantasy, I was not in love with the methods presented. 
I thought maybe that the book was meant more for children, and honestly, I thought that from the beginning, but I'm a kid at heart, so don't judge;) I took it to my niece who's about 13 and creative and also loves fairies and she can draw a bit, but she wasn't pleased either. Something about 'I can't figure it out if they don't show me how...' was muttered as she stormed off to her room.
This book is magical for someone. I know it is, but it just wasn't for me, my niece, or my nephew. My son seemed to like the castle drawing bit because he understands the approach, I think. He's seven and has always been able to translate shapes and ideas to paper, which is something my niece and I have had to have switches 'flipped on' for in our brains. Disengaging the left brain is key for both of us. Ez (son) sat down and right away went to work and was quiet for HOURS... unusual. 
I will say that this is a thick book, and if you can flip through it and decide if it will suit you or whomever you're buying it for, then go for it! Like I said... it worked out for my 7 year old and while he won't draw the fairies, he loves the dragons and castles;) 

I did receive this book for free in order to give an honest and experienced review. Thank you so much!