Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pull Out Your Prismacolors! This one is special!!!

The Night Voyage by Daria Song is an adult coloring book filled with DETAILED pictures to color, but you're going to need finely sharpened colored pencils as these pages have pictures printed on both sides of each page, so in my opinion, markers, light wash watercolor, and even gel pens (maybe) are out of the question... and really, you'll laugh at the idea of touching this gorgeous book with a crayon. (Don't do it. It would be artistic and creative sacrelidge.... ok... don't know how to spell it and apparently neither does mac. Lol!)
The story  is a magical, ethereal one just like the pictures. The cover is gorgeous and you could pair this up with even with a nice extended pack of Crayola colored pencils and have the PERFECT gift for an adult or advanced child. (A tween might not admit that they color, but trust me... they do, so go for it;)
I love this, despite the small patterns in some pages... I prefer to use a lot of shading and this book definitely challenged that, but I'm gaining some new control and skills, so why complain? 
It's gorgeous and worthy of a buy.

(Please Note that I did receive this book for free in order to properly experience it to give an honest and knowledgable review;)

Hugs! And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! And if you don't, stay out of the grocery stores;)