Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Review: Natural Color by Sasha Duerr

Released this year, if you've been even slightly curious about organically dying fabric, wool, cotton or anything of the like, this gorgeous, hardback book is definitely for you.
Organized by seasons, this book tells you which plants are available when so that foraging for these plants can become a yearly practice... gaining a natural rhythm with nature and what she provides. Different mordants are explained and used in such a way that you needn't be worried about buying anything expensive or wondering about the how and why you use or need them.
Even living here in 'everything dies' Central Texas, I had so many of these plants available via my garden and foraging. Did you know that you can dye plants with Rosemary?! I didn't and that stuff is so prolific here!!! And a rusty nail can be used to make an iron mordant! Talk about having what you need right in front of you!
And Sasha makes everything so beautiful, easy to reference or just read for pleasure in a conversational, yet instructional style, this is a must have for anyone who even gardens;) This is the number one book that makes this kind of information completely accessible for EVERYONE wanting to try this natural cycle art. 
She also covers how to achieve botanical prints naturally. It's truly amazing in every way from cover to cover and worth a trip to the bookstore to check it out or look for it on Amazon;)

**I am so privileged to have been provided with this book for free in order to leave an honest, experienced review;) And I am so glad that I have it now;)