Saturday, September 24, 2016

I could color myself senseless...

Have you ever had the most beautiful dream appear on paper? That's what this coloring book is, and you have the chance to color this dreamworld any way you like. Heaven. Bliss. Cute. Pretty. Delicate. Surreal.

I loved opening this book and seeing the empty spaces with so much imagination and possibility within those lines. The pictures themselves are absolutely gorgeous. Twisting and blending petite, beautiful girlish nymphs with various animals, textures... gah. The rapture is endless.

I literally watched myself color a page in this book and it was captivating beyond belief. 

The paper is amazing for almost any medium and if you don't mind the paper buckling, you can even attempt a little watercolor (which is my preferred medium.) I will warn you that you'll not want to color it as you'll be in love with it as it is... I want all of these images tattooed all over every inch of my skin.

Beautiful. Altogether lovely;)


***Please note that I did receive this for free in order to experience it directly and leave an honest and informed review. And I am so glad that I got it;)