Thursday, August 4, 2016

I really wanted this to be something else...

Completely entranced by the gorgeous cover with all the bright colors, I leapt for the chance to review this! 
I guess that in my mind, I was hoping for a 'how to draw' Manga with all the typical characteristics from start to finish... This definitely was not that, but nonetheless, I still got to dip my toes in the water and poke here and there with different aspects via finishing pictures, attempting to draw things that I didn't really see a reference for... and I hate drawing in books. 
 If I had been wanting to fine-tune or develop new characters, this is definitely the book I would have pulled off the shelf but for someone structured and wanting a full-on instructional tutorial, this was the wrong book. 
 I would 110% recommend this for anyone who already draws Manga style or is practicing what they already know. This will stretch them a bit and give them some different things to think about:) This isn't for the person looking to move beyond stick figures... lol!


(btw: i did receive this book so i could spend some quality time with it and leave an honest review based on my own experience and impression of the book;)