Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tiny Gardening;)

My dolls are getting a late start on gardening, so a few seedlings are still in the box, waiting to be put into the garden.

I believe that these are all flowers of this variety... 

They grow quite large!!!

I know the bananas are already being pulled down and eaten...


All predominantly paper... coffee grounds... a little metal from a tea light 'wrapper,' paint, some clay cane, florist wire... and time here and there;)

I love it;)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Up a tree...

So there was an Amazon box in my way and I had a weird candle holder thing that I was going to sell in a garage sale... AND THEN I heard my husband pouring the last of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch into a bowl and something inside me yelled out, 'Don't throw away that box... I need it for something...!' (All of this spawning into this dimension at approx 1am.)

Some glue, paint and strange decisions lead to this....

And the slacker in me was like, 'Yeah! Done... good job;)' But some other side... the night owl side of me said, 'But wait... I have an idea...' Oh geez... 

So some more paint, more glue, popsicle sticks and some cereal box siding lead to this...
and this...
(Mind you, it's now about 4am... maybe... I don't know... but some small yellow shelves and a slight window box have sprung up...)
And then... a little desk, a crocheted purse, some teeny tiny grass flowers my 7 year old brought me, a dollar store bed being modified...
And then sleep... omg... the sun is up... get some sleep...
But the next night...

Tiny pillows, an ottoman, a floor lamp?! Are those giant roses in the window box? Blythe?! Where did she come from? And when did she move in?! And a hardwood porch? I give up. I am a slave to the dolls... and I not-so-secretly LOVE it;)

Out of order... Sorry!

Ok... So the previous post has a picture of a dollhouse kitchen where I was staging a pic of some flowers that I made... and glued to myself and eventually sorted all out onto a stem... The house itself was transformation from horror (seriously... little doll Hostel going on here...) to absolute cuteness! And I love it! I just finished it a day or so ago, and honestly, I am shocked at the before and after!

So here she is... costing $3 at a local thrift store:

I literally did not touch 'it' for almost a month after buying it. Those little glass blocks in the corner took a hammer and flathead screwdriver (as well as a fair amount of questionable safety) to literally chisel out. 

NASTY. I'm not even going to bother with showing the exterior... Just more of the same.

Work in progress:) The little floors are 'hardwood' stir sticks that have been stained and put in;) And the 'vintage-y' feel from the papers on the walls just happened. I have no idea why, but I couldn't wish for anything else!

This is where the interior (and yes, it was it's own project--the outside will be another) is pretty much done. 1 floor up top on the right was still drying with one of my heavy punches weighing it down.

I spent about a month working on this fairly regularly... she's small, but still was a total challenge as I did a lot of things I've never done before! New things and skills are always a draw for me! :) And I'd say that because I already had most of the materials and because of the papers I didn't end up using, she ended up costing about $10 (maybe... that's a bit liberal... I think closer to $7 or $8 including the price of purchase at $3!)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Making things... Tiny flowers, little kitchens... :) Happy!

I made this little kitchen (obviously not the dog) in a dollhouse I'm refurbishing;) It's about 1:16 scale. I made the little flowers from scratch--paper, wire, paint, etc and it surprisingly took a lot of time! I am amazed at those who work in miniature foliage! But I am happy with the result!