Sunday, May 1, 2016

Book Review: Letting your faith make your life beautiful...

 I was raised in a loving but strict, Baptist household. Fully indoctrinated into this branch of Christianity, I never understood Catholics and their seemingly endless rituals, confessions, Saints, and Holy days. The Pope seemed like a Catholic Santa Claus of sorts, but without the presents. And not understanding, I paid little attention and sought to learn very little about it. 
 As a Baptist, you believe that you have grace from God and that seems to excuse you from everything. To a degree, this is damaging to one's devotion and faith. Baptists have very few rituals, if any at all. They don't regularly speak of their sins to anyone but God, if they even do that.
 'The Catholic Catalogue' helped me understand the various aspects of Catholicism that had never been explained or probably weren't even understood by my family in their staunch set ways. Reading this, I realized that the habits, rituals, ceremony, and confession adds something to the Christian life that is definitely missing in many branches of Christianity. 
 So many of the elements explained have added beauty and helped me to begin to keep my faith continually IN my life and not just a part of it through practicing simple things like crossing myself when I wake, when I eat, and before bed. My mother had always told me that 'we don't do that,' but I think it's a reminder and it definitely allows my day to start with my Christ in mind and on my heart.
 I'm glad to have had the opportunity to receive, read, and review this book for free. It has enriched my life in untold ways and I have already shared it with many I know who are curious as well.
 Add the beauty of ritual to your life. Put your faith continually in your heart and on your mind;)

NeonMob and Vote for Blythe, please!!!!

Hey All!
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