Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pull Out Your Prismacolors! This one is special!!!

The Night Voyage by Daria Song is an adult coloring book filled with DETAILED pictures to color, but you're going to need finely sharpened colored pencils as these pages have pictures printed on both sides of each page, so in my opinion, markers, light wash watercolor, and even gel pens (maybe) are out of the question... and really, you'll laugh at the idea of touching this gorgeous book with a crayon. (Don't do it. It would be artistic and creative sacrelidge.... ok... don't know how to spell it and apparently neither does mac. Lol!)
The story  is a magical, ethereal one just like the pictures. The cover is gorgeous and you could pair this up with even with a nice extended pack of Crayola colored pencils and have the PERFECT gift for an adult or advanced child. (A tween might not admit that they color, but trust me... they do, so go for it;)
I love this, despite the small patterns in some pages... I prefer to use a lot of shading and this book definitely challenged that, but I'm gaining some new control and skills, so why complain? 
It's gorgeous and worthy of a buy.

(Please Note that I did receive this book for free in order to properly experience it to give an honest and knowledgable review;)

Hugs! And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! And if you don't, stay out of the grocery stores;)


Monday, October 31, 2016

Colored Pencil Burnout?!

 Don't get me wrong... I love my colored pencils as much as the next artist, but I get tired of EVERY adult coloring book ONLY being able to handle a dry media. If you feel the same way and are throwing your pencils against the wall, this may be the perfect coloring book for you!
Printed on heavier paper with the part to be colored only on 1 side of each page with a Bible verse or quote on the other side without a pattern to color, you can use your favorite markers, a light watercolor wash, and if you don't mind buckling paper, you could probably go full-blown watercolor on this without too many problems, although I wouldn't. The pages are also perforated and come out of the book neatly if you'd like to have more space to work with your coloring or want to frame a particularly special one;)
Everything Beautiful is touted as a 'coloring book for inspiration and reflection' and is categorized as 'Religious/Inspirational.' Regardless of whether or not you're religious, almost everyone will find the simple, almost folk like patterns a delight to color. The overall feel of this book is calm, inspiring, and a quiet peace. 
I've light-washed one page in watercolors with a monochromatic theme and found that these pages are perfect for such exercises as the pages aren't full of the mindless, repetitive patterns of mandalas and the like. They also offer larger motifs for those who get tired of the feeling of pointillism coloring. 
This is a well made, and lovely book for anyone who enjoys painless creativity, or a short break from the meticulous. Definitely a great gift!


*I did receive this copy for free in exchange to be able to offer an honest review;) Thank you!

Monday, October 17, 2016

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There is an awesome newish blog giving away all this amazingness!!! Halloween handmade stuff that just looks delicious! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Click on the link;) It's easy to get in;) And good luck!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Review: Natural Color by Sasha Duerr

Released this year, if you've been even slightly curious about organically dying fabric, wool, cotton or anything of the like, this gorgeous, hardback book is definitely for you.
Organized by seasons, this book tells you which plants are available when so that foraging for these plants can become a yearly practice... gaining a natural rhythm with nature and what she provides. Different mordants are explained and used in such a way that you needn't be worried about buying anything expensive or wondering about the how and why you use or need them.
Even living here in 'everything dies' Central Texas, I had so many of these plants available via my garden and foraging. Did you know that you can dye plants with Rosemary?! I didn't and that stuff is so prolific here!!! And a rusty nail can be used to make an iron mordant! Talk about having what you need right in front of you!
And Sasha makes everything so beautiful, easy to reference or just read for pleasure in a conversational, yet instructional style, this is a must have for anyone who even gardens;) This is the number one book that makes this kind of information completely accessible for EVERYONE wanting to try this natural cycle art. 
She also covers how to achieve botanical prints naturally. It's truly amazing in every way from cover to cover and worth a trip to the bookstore to check it out or look for it on Amazon;)

**I am so privileged to have been provided with this book for free in order to leave an honest, experienced review;) And I am so glad that I have it now;)


Saturday, September 24, 2016

I could color myself senseless...

Have you ever had the most beautiful dream appear on paper? That's what this coloring book is, and you have the chance to color this dreamworld any way you like. Heaven. Bliss. Cute. Pretty. Delicate. Surreal.

I loved opening this book and seeing the empty spaces with so much imagination and possibility within those lines. The pictures themselves are absolutely gorgeous. Twisting and blending petite, beautiful girlish nymphs with various animals, textures... gah. The rapture is endless.

I literally watched myself color a page in this book and it was captivating beyond belief. 

The paper is amazing for almost any medium and if you don't mind the paper buckling, you can even attempt a little watercolor (which is my preferred medium.) I will warn you that you'll not want to color it as you'll be in love with it as it is... I want all of these images tattooed all over every inch of my skin.

Beautiful. Altogether lovely;)


***Please note that I did receive this for free in order to experience it directly and leave an honest and informed review. And I am so glad that I got it;)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I really wanted this to be something else...

Completely entranced by the gorgeous cover with all the bright colors, I leapt for the chance to review this! 
I guess that in my mind, I was hoping for a 'how to draw' Manga with all the typical characteristics from start to finish... This definitely was not that, but nonetheless, I still got to dip my toes in the water and poke here and there with different aspects via finishing pictures, attempting to draw things that I didn't really see a reference for... and I hate drawing in books. 
 If I had been wanting to fine-tune or develop new characters, this is definitely the book I would have pulled off the shelf but for someone structured and wanting a full-on instructional tutorial, this was the wrong book. 
 I would 110% recommend this for anyone who already draws Manga style or is practicing what they already know. This will stretch them a bit and give them some different things to think about:) This isn't for the person looking to move beyond stick figures... lol!


(btw: i did receive this book so i could spend some quality time with it and leave an honest review based on my own experience and impression of the book;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I love my Birchbox!!!

 Ok... So first, I'm not getting anything for writing this on my blog and I doubt Birchbox will even know that I did. That being said, I've really come to love my Birchbox. So many times, I'll venture into the brightly lit bliss that is Sephora or even just the tantalizing websites that boast the luxury names like Benefit, the Balm, Smashbox and so many others!!! And at first, I had no clue!
 Was I going to love this lip gloss by Cargo? It looked so pretty, but also very pricey... Was this supposedly life-changing mascara going to last all night and still look amazing in the morning after crashing on a friend's couch? idk!!!! The crisis!!! The indecision! There was no way I could invest in that 1 quality, go-to piece if I didn't know what it was going to be like!!!
 SOLUTION? At first I subscribed to both Ipsy and Birchbox... and found Ipsy to be more of the drugstore branded type of product with a free cosmetic bag (which I ended up with so many of that I gave a bunch of them away at Christmas) and Ipsy points for free items were hard to get AND they could only be used on specific items that were often not available as the supply had run out.
 Birchbox on the other hand, includes brands like the afore mentioned Benefit, Smashbox, Mirenesse (whose curling mascara is now my ONE AND ONLY;) the Balm, Coola, Atlier scents (pricey, but they have a great deal on a two pack and I love love love both and never would have known had it not been in my box!) Cargo, Lord and Berry, Model, as well as a ton of other amazing brands! Eyeko is now my FAVORITE AND ONLY liquid liner and I've purchased it multiple times already with my points!

 These pics don't do the boxes justice as these are items I haven't yet explored... they do stack up over the months and honestly, I give a few away if I can't use them. I have dreads, so I give away hair styling products (except for the shampoos and the occasional conditioner for my ends.) I think I've found a couple of scents that my mother absconded with, but my sample pockets in my organizer are FULL of scents that I love!

(I have rosacea, so anything skincare has to be spread out over time... I can't sample back to back or my face my freak out.)
The Dr. Jart is actually a mask I've had before and I'm just saving it for a luxury night where I have 20 minutes all to myself after a long bath to put on some headphones and zone out and then 'wake' up to beautiful skin! 

Some favorites I've gotten (most not pictured,) are a couple of the Balm eyeshadows from new color palettes, Hoola bronzing from Benefit (LOVE THIS! and it's big enough for all summer and probably all spring,) the Fat Electrician scent is so different but exciting and invigorating that I get a TON of compliments and people smelling me every chance they get... it's on my purchase list! Brow Pow by Benefit is amazing and that's just the little folder it came in... also on my purchase list.

These are the ones I've stacked up and haven't been immediately used after six months. The Hoola I pulled out of my collection just for the pic. :) It's going back... lol! As is a few others.

So there is great quality in these samples and I've even given a few as little gift extras if it's a product I've already purchased, owned, or a color that just isn't me.
(And just so you know, my friend LOVED her new Cargo lip gloss. I hate it because for me, it's too sticky, but somehow, she makes it work.)

THE POINTS: Basically, you can get 50 points per box (every month!)  just by going in and saying whether you liked/hated 5 of your samples via multiple choice questions and such.
These stack up fast and count as cash in the store so you can get freebies/use codes and coupons/promos AND use your points to pay for product and shipping. 
100 points='s $10 and like I said, they stack up FAST. And if you buy anything without using points, you get 1 point per $ (I think I may have purchased about $50 without points so far...tax returns...lol)

When I did the math, you basically get 1/2 the cost of your box back in store credit toward full-size products, which is awesome because you will find things you love:) 

A week ago, I used 200 points to pay for a couple of Tony Moly Korean make-up pcs which I am loving and aren't they SO FREAKING CUTE?

The panda is a cool under-eye stick which helps moisturize dry under-eye areas which helps tighten and smooth wrinkles and the various ingredients help with under eye circles and bagginess! 
The little pink bunny is the BEST chapstick/lip gloss (that really isn't shiny, sticky or that tinted) in strawberry scent. I love them both and they sit on my counter looking all pretty and cute! And Korean make-up is all the rage right now for a reason. It works and is presented in amazing packaging (obviously!) I can think of a million people who would love these as gifts and they aren't too pricey... unfortunately, I'll be keeping them for myself;) (Unfortunately for everyone else;) LOL!

You also get points for referring friends... so please use my link and help me out? Karma comes back around! :) And feel free to message me if there's something that I can help you out with on referrals!

So yeah! If you've been wondering about this whole Birchbox thing, there it is! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Wondering about Wonderland?

 Wonderland is the new, beautiful adult coloring book by Amily Shen. Inspired by Alice's adventures, it does not merely reproduce the original art to color in, but gives you a new visual narrative to go with the story:) Inspiring! I did wish for a bit more detail in the pictures, but I fell in love quickly as every few pages invite you to imagine and insert yourself into the story a little... like filling out the 'To:' part of an invitation to the Tea Party;) It's effective at drawing you in just a little and it's enough to keep you engaged and loving it! Beautiful!

(I did receive this print copy for free for an honest review!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tiny Gardening;)

My dolls are getting a late start on gardening, so a few seedlings are still in the box, waiting to be put into the garden.

I believe that these are all flowers of this variety... 

They grow quite large!!!

I know the bananas are already being pulled down and eaten...


All predominantly paper... coffee grounds... a little metal from a tea light 'wrapper,' paint, some clay cane, florist wire... and time here and there;)

I love it;)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Up a tree...

So there was an Amazon box in my way and I had a weird candle holder thing that I was going to sell in a garage sale... AND THEN I heard my husband pouring the last of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch into a bowl and something inside me yelled out, 'Don't throw away that box... I need it for something...!' (All of this spawning into this dimension at approx 1am.)

Some glue, paint and strange decisions lead to this....

And the slacker in me was like, 'Yeah! Done... good job;)' But some other side... the night owl side of me said, 'But wait... I have an idea...' Oh geez... 

So some more paint, more glue, popsicle sticks and some cereal box siding lead to this...
and this...
(Mind you, it's now about 4am... maybe... I don't know... but some small yellow shelves and a slight window box have sprung up...)
And then... a little desk, a crocheted purse, some teeny tiny grass flowers my 7 year old brought me, a dollar store bed being modified...
And then sleep... omg... the sun is up... get some sleep...
But the next night...

Tiny pillows, an ottoman, a floor lamp?! Are those giant roses in the window box? Blythe?! Where did she come from? And when did she move in?! And a hardwood porch? I give up. I am a slave to the dolls... and I not-so-secretly LOVE it;)

Out of order... Sorry!

Ok... So the previous post has a picture of a dollhouse kitchen where I was staging a pic of some flowers that I made... and glued to myself and eventually sorted all out onto a stem... The house itself was transformation from horror (seriously... little doll Hostel going on here...) to absolute cuteness! And I love it! I just finished it a day or so ago, and honestly, I am shocked at the before and after!

So here she is... costing $3 at a local thrift store:

I literally did not touch 'it' for almost a month after buying it. Those little glass blocks in the corner took a hammer and flathead screwdriver (as well as a fair amount of questionable safety) to literally chisel out. 

NASTY. I'm not even going to bother with showing the exterior... Just more of the same.

Work in progress:) The little floors are 'hardwood' stir sticks that have been stained and put in;) And the 'vintage-y' feel from the papers on the walls just happened. I have no idea why, but I couldn't wish for anything else!

This is where the interior (and yes, it was it's own project--the outside will be another) is pretty much done. 1 floor up top on the right was still drying with one of my heavy punches weighing it down.

I spent about a month working on this fairly regularly... she's small, but still was a total challenge as I did a lot of things I've never done before! New things and skills are always a draw for me! :) And I'd say that because I already had most of the materials and because of the papers I didn't end up using, she ended up costing about $10 (maybe... that's a bit liberal... I think closer to $7 or $8 including the price of purchase at $3!)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Making things... Tiny flowers, little kitchens... :) Happy!

I made this little kitchen (obviously not the dog) in a dollhouse I'm refurbishing;) It's about 1:16 scale. I made the little flowers from scratch--paper, wire, paint, etc and it surprisingly took a lot of time! I am amazed at those who work in miniature foliage! But I am happy with the result! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Book Review: Letting your faith make your life beautiful...

 I was raised in a loving but strict, Baptist household. Fully indoctrinated into this branch of Christianity, I never understood Catholics and their seemingly endless rituals, confessions, Saints, and Holy days. The Pope seemed like a Catholic Santa Claus of sorts, but without the presents. And not understanding, I paid little attention and sought to learn very little about it. 
 As a Baptist, you believe that you have grace from God and that seems to excuse you from everything. To a degree, this is damaging to one's devotion and faith. Baptists have very few rituals, if any at all. They don't regularly speak of their sins to anyone but God, if they even do that.
 'The Catholic Catalogue' helped me understand the various aspects of Catholicism that had never been explained or probably weren't even understood by my family in their staunch set ways. Reading this, I realized that the habits, rituals, ceremony, and confession adds something to the Christian life that is definitely missing in many branches of Christianity. 
 So many of the elements explained have added beauty and helped me to begin to keep my faith continually IN my life and not just a part of it through practicing simple things like crossing myself when I wake, when I eat, and before bed. My mother had always told me that 'we don't do that,' but I think it's a reminder and it definitely allows my day to start with my Christ in mind and on my heart.
 I'm glad to have had the opportunity to receive, read, and review this book for free. It has enriched my life in untold ways and I have already shared it with many I know who are curious as well.
 Add the beauty of ritual to your life. Put your faith continually in your heart and on your mind;)

NeonMob and Vote for Blythe, please!!!!

Hey All!
 Neon Mob is the ultra awesome free site that allows you to collect art and create sets of 'cards' to be collected and traded! It's amazing! And you get your eyeballs FULL of inspiration!

Sign Up Here! It'd really help me out if you used my link AND you'll get 25 free packs! That can add up quick and gets you into the trading game fast! I had over 130 cards in my 25 free packs! And you can choose which ones you start with!

And then Vote PLEASE! ;) for my girls (pictured above!) We've been accepted into the voting process to create our own set and share our Blythe adventures with many guests and friends via our photography!

Thank you so much!


Sunday, March 13, 2016


 In Pop Painting, Camilla d'enrico has allowed us a peek into her imaginative and edgy work into the subject matter that she clearly loves. The words 'cute, strange, and hauntingly beautiful' are what come to mind when I look through its pages.
 After a first glance, getting into the reading, I realize that there is a wealth of technique, inspiring thoughts and my ideas for medium and subject matter are widened and I instantly want to do away with any preconceived notion of what is 'enlightened art' and what isn't. 
 I love this stuff and it's definite eye candy for anyone who wants it, and a mind opening experience for any artist looking for something beyond what they currently do.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Zen and Peace of Coloring Cats in Paris

 Adult coloring has reached a new level of zen with this feline look behind the scenes of Paris. Korean illustrator Won-Sun Jang has put ink to paper to create flowing illustrations that move across pages like the cats themselves for you to color.
 I love this book! Five stars for quality and imagination of pictures to color. There are full on scenes as well as the more 'full-page designs' to further bring to life with your imagination.
 This is a high quality book, worthy of being a gift for anyone who needs some zen in their lives. I would give it with a package of Prismacolors rather than Crayolas though;)

Beautiful and 5 stars;)

I did receive this book for free in order to review and blog about it;) And I am so happy to have it!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Small Prize Giveaway!

no. they aren't pricey things, but if they resonate with you and your soul, they are priceless.
i'll be giving away a pair of these if you'll leave a comment below.
i'll also trade zine for zine with you if you contact me;)