Monday, February 9, 2015

Things I do at 2am that earn free stuff...

Ok... so I know that we're all up that one or two nights a week where we didn't go out, we're in our pj's binge watching a TV show on Netflix, and probably dinking around on the internet... so here's a short list of what I've been up to and why:

#1>> Swag Bucks: This is my ultra-favorite so far!!! I've gotten around $75 in Amazon gift cards and have rarely filled out a survey. They're actually fun to sign up with... it does help if you have a 'junk email' address to file everything you sign up for to. If you sign up under someone, you usually get a little starter help and there person you sign up under gets a bit, too! My link is here (and yes, I know it's a bit o' the self promotion, but I'd love it if you did sign up under me;)

#2>> Influenster: You review products and build 'impact points' to be included in a campaign send out which involves getting invited to get a Vox Box (which is a bunch of free stuff sent to your door!) Again, my link is here, and you can follow the blog if you like. I already help out my SB kids on Facebook, so if sign ups start coming through here, we'll start getting some tips and such up on the blog as well!

#3>> Watching Unboxings of Ipsy, Birchbox, and Vox Box on Youtube. Yup. Instead of cute kitten videos, I watch what other people are getting in the mail. (I have a weird obsession with getting mail that I think stems from the fact that I used to get presents, letters and cards from my sweet grandmother who lived across the country when I was little.)

#4>> Writing here in my blog and trying to come up with fun things to do for readers. I know I have a list of blogs that I read on a regular basis but don't 'follow' or even 'comment' on, so I'm aware that people are reading, just not how often or who... 

#5>> I use Oyster for all my digital books... ok, so I have Kindle for Mac as well because I can't help myself when Amazon is so accessible... I read... but sometimes I easily get disillusioned with a book or get the project/tips/whatever out of it that I want and then I'm done with it, so I definitely don't want to own it... gets expensive.

What do you do so late, lovelies?


Saturday, February 7, 2015

 Let me preface what is about to follow... I am so not perfect... not even close, but I have thought and belief seeds that are sprouting toward action... and what good are thoughts and beliefs if there is no action? 
 However, sifting through what I'm interested in and what to do with all of it is at best daunting, and at worst, painfully paralyzing. Just start, right? Start with what I have? What I am? What I can do? Be the change? It should go beyond 'being' the change... I don't like this whole 'closet change' thing... reminds me a lot of 'closet Christianity...' Do not make so bold a move only to back away from it... (I don't know who said it, but I like it...)

So... interests include but are not limited to:

*mindless consumerism... and on this front, I am speaking purely of the flow of money. I think it's sick. People spending and spending and spending... I've done it... and then I got sick of myself... my excess. You're being told what to buy... being told that you aren't enough without it, whatever 'it' is... being told that it will fill this gap in your life, hole in your soul, bring that man/woman around the corner to solve all of your problems... whatever 'it' is, won't. 

*faces, not corporations... true, they are made up of hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of faces, but your purchase does not mean anything to them... your singular purchase by itself is nothing. they are not celebrating your hard earned money spent in their establishment (maybe in a bar graph as one of the 'millions' at a meeting somewhere...) 
 I want to spend my money where it feels like I'm helping someone to live their dream... I want to spend where someone's 'thank you' is genuine and you know they mean it because you may be their only customer that day... even their 50th customer that day... but they appreciate every penny... 

*urban container gardening food co op... this has been a hard sell... even among people already growing more than enough food on their balconies and in their backyards... all i can think is wtf? what are you doing with the extra? my mom had GINORMOUS squashes last year that she was trying to give away left and right! my idea is that everyone grows what they grow and then everyone trades and gives what's leftover away:) how hard is that? 
 there are people out there who don't have produce because it's too expensive or they have a limited grocery budget, and i think willingly sharing is a responsible thing to do... especially in the face of government hand outs. people taking and not giving back is a problem and causes decay in the soul... it degrades a person's character (imo... although even Gahndi said something similar.)

*wear things out... literally. people dispose of stuff (clothing, cooking utensils, toys, housewares, furniture... everything) long before it's done being functional. it's wasteful and disrespectful of the resources that went into making it. and if it no longer fits or  you can no longer justify owning it, garage sale it...yes. I do garage sales... sell things for $.50 and $1.00. it allows me to offer my stuff to others at a really cheap price (which charity shops in our area have quit doing...) I use the money to buy books, art supplies, food, etc. i do tend to give away a lot of stuff during the i can't resist. and this previous sale, we had been picking up pecans while walking the yard straightening things and we happened to give away a ton of those too!

*create something... anything. just explore making something. 

*read. read. read... i'm trying to get back into the habit of reading entire books... not just bits and pcs of 5 books all at one time.

*reuse... what if there's something that you're throwing away that could replace something you buy?! like those plastic containers you get butter, cream cheese, sour cream... weird... lots of dairy in those... instead of the hmmmm plastic containers you buy specifically for storing food and random things in? paper... the only paper i haven't replaced in my house is toilet paper. i'm not strong enough and i refuse. if the apocalypse happens, i'm so screwed, but until then, TP rules... lol. however, paper towels and paper napkins are a joke on the average consumer... you're buying paper to throw away. that's crazy to me. 

  i don't know... it's 1.20am and i'm sitting here thinking through all of these things and finally feeling like the elephant that was on my chest is thinking about moving... my phone is going off and i'm reluctant to share what's up with anyone i know... i've noticed that i have some dream-killers in my midst... (does everyone have those?)

  i'm going to go do something else... i want to say 'go to bed,' but i'm not sure at this point...



creating my morning habit…
 when i started in Tampa at SBUX 8437, i knew that i had to be good… so good that i was above question. so i learned… and invested myself. at Hastings, when Tony quit, i knew that i had to immediately be good and learning and honest. i had to be authentic about my strengths and my faults and say i was sorry when i was wrong and admit when i didn’t know. i needed to champion my people… my team, and when that wasn’t possible, get them under the radar so we could all learn together. in both situations, i learned to breathe my work. i couldn’t do it in my sleep, but i was present. i was there. if it had been a rodeo, my lungs would have been full of dirt and sawdust, horsehair and cow manure… i would have been caught in the ass by a bull’s horn. i was present. 
AVAPU… i find myself, again on this steep slope of a learning curve, getting geared up for God knows what and trying to guess where to gain a foothold. this is so different. so free… i’m used to structure, restrictions… something to fight against. now, there’s a vast void. space to create my being… my reality. i have no clue what to do with it and it. is. painful. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I have a trade friendly shop;)

 I just wanted to put out there that I have a trade friendly shop;) You can click on the link to the right if you're interested;) If you see something you want, just chat me up;) I'm friendly... look at all those smilies... gah.... lol.
 I am particularly in search of:
*organic or goat's milk soap
*essential oils
*return address labels
*original art/prints
*buttons--not plastic
*zines (paper and digital)

I trade everything in my shop... and then there are things I have that aren't listed... mostly little things that are destash supplies for everything I make to sell. ;)